New Turtle Creek Casino Has A Little Something For Everyone

The Turtle Creek Casino in Williamsburg was being built with the mindset that it should cater to everyone. The gamblers should be happy, as should the shoppers and the food buffs.

In designing the new casino all of those aspects were taken into serious consideration. They did not want to just be known as a gambling establishment. They have pulled off the feat of catering to everyone.

The casino’s grand opening was a spectacle of lights back in late June, and the specter that has been created is still a sight to see. The casino is just one of the attractions at this resort.

“We didn’t look at it just from a gaming experience. We looked at it as a culinary experience, as a nighttime experience, as a hotel experience. Even if you don’t like to gamble, there’s something in that building for you,” said Turtle Creek’s Director of Marketing, Shawn Carlson.

There are 1,300 slot machines in the casino to go along with forty two table games. The casino has a 137 room hotel attached to it, which provides lodging for travelers visiting the casino.

A nonsmoking poker room has also been added to the casino. There are many options for those who are looking to dine at the casino, with food ranging from hot dogs all the way to pancetta-wrapped salmon.

With top notch food, a hotel, and multiple gambling options, Turtle Creek has succeeded in their goal to offer something for everyone.

Ho’s Sister Challenging His Decision To Take Casino Group Public

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Stanley Ho knows how to make money. He has created a casino gambling empire, and stunned many people when he decided to take it public last month.

Already, Ho has raised almost $500 million for his Sociedade de Jogos de Macau Holdings through a small scale public offering last week. On Thursday, the company will appear on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Ho’s sister, however, is not so fond of the idea. Winnie Ho is challenging the move in court claiming that the government is in essence promoting gambling by allowing the listing. She claims the listing is “contrary to the public interest and the longstanding policy of the Hong Kong government not to promote gambling.”

Winnie Ho has been in a long battle with her eighty year old brother for control of the company. The battle has become bitter, and this is the latest attempt by her to show her authority in the company.


While the leagl battle may move into the courts, it has not changed the stance of Stanley Ho. “SJM’s listing will continue unless we are told to the contrary,” said a spokesman for Ho’s group.

The company is hoping to raise over one billion by taking themselves public. It is hoping to use the money raised to compete with new casinos in the Macau market.