New Mexico Offering Gas Cards For Lottery Gambling Losers

The New Mexico lottery has developed a plan for helping people deal with the rising gas costs in the United States. They have combined lottery gambling with a chance to win free gas.

The New Mexico Lottery has began a promotion in which gamblers can possibly benefit from having losing scratch off tickets. The plan is to enter losing tickets into a drawing, where the winning ticket picked will win a free gas card.

The gas card prizes will be valued at $100 each, and 100 of them will be available. All gamblers will have to do to win is to take their losing scratch off tickets, and enter them into the drawing. It will be held July 1st.

Various state lotteries have been trying to raise revenue from the lottery system. The addition of casino gambling in many states around the country has slowed gambling on the lottery.

The economy is another factor that is working against state lotteries making as much revenue money as they are used to. Different promotional schemes are being used by different lotteries.

In Massachusetts, the state lottery came out with a Red Sox scratch off ticket that was unveiled at Boston’s first home game of the year. Only a certain amount of tickets were printed, and they sold out nearly immediately.

The drawing for the New Mexico free gas promotion will take place at the lottery’s headquarters in Albuquerque.

Cirque du Soleil Arrives Permanently In Macau Casino

For years now, Macau has been trying to catch up to Las Vegas in terms of being the gambling capitol of the world. Recently, Macau passed Sin City in revenue numbers from their casinos.

Now, Macau is ready to try and duplicate the success that some of the entertainment has brought Las Vegas casinos. The Venetian Macao brings the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show to Asia.

The show “Zaia” is highlighted by an astronaut riding a bicycle in the air. Various other aerial performances also take place on an eighty foot high stage. The show is the story of a girl’s journey through space.

Macau is now moving into the next stage of casino gambling. They are aware that to draw more diverse customers, they must be able to compete with Las Vegas in terms of entertainment. After all, even gamblers like a variety of options when they travel.

While many of the casinos in Macau are operated by the same companies that hold casinos in Las Vegas, it was not until now that the companies have began to incorporate the entertainment side of the casinos.

They insist it was their plan all along. “Entertainment was a very key part of our strategy,” said Brad Stone, Executive Vice President at Las Vegas Sands Corp.. The group runs the Venetian Macau, as well as Sands Macau.