New York Governor Working Hard To Save Off-Track Betting

Governor David Patterson of New York announced on Friday that an agreement had been reached to keep Off-Track Betting up and running in the state. That is not the case, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It was first reported that a deal had been struck in which the state would take over the OTB and save it from being shut down. Mayor Bloomberg came out later in the day, however, and said there was no agreement in place.

He claimed there are major issues that need to be worked out before an agreement could be signed off on. “We will have no choice but to go forward with our plans to close the city’s OTB parlors on Sunday,” he said. That is, of course, unless all of the areas of disagreement are worked out.

Governor Patterson sounded as if all that was left to be worked on was minor details. “This isn’t a tentative agreement. We have an agreement, and we’re working out a few of the details,” he said at a Manhattan news conference on Friday.

The sticking point to the agreement is the gambling revenue. Mayor Bloomberg believes that the gambling parlors send too much money to the state and other entities, resulting in the eventual need for the city of New York to subsidize them.

There has been a lot of confusion as to what exactly is being said in negotiations to keep the OTB open. Both sides have vastly different versions of what is going on behind the scenes. Unless an agreement is worked out, OTB parlors will be closed down on Sunday.