New Red Sox Lottery Scratch Off Produces $1 Million Winner

What better way for a state to sell lottery gambling tickets than to associate the most popular team in the state with it. That is precisely what the Massachusetts state lottery has done.

The Boston Red Sox are coming off a season in which they were the best team in baseball. The state lottery has taken full advantage of that opportunity. They have released a Red Sox instant lottery game.

The game was released on the day of the Sox home opener. Already, one of the million dollar prizes has been won. Ken Swords bought one of the twenty dollar scratch offs, and became a millionaire.

He bought the ticket in memory of his nephew Evan who was a big Red Sox fan. Evan passed away from cancer recently. Swords is a pipe fitter from Chicopee.

Only twenty of the $1 million prizes exists. The grand prize for the scratch tickets is $10 million. Red Sox tickets, memorabilia, and road trips are also offered as prizes for the game.

The lottery claims to have sold $4 million worth of tickets so far. The scratch tickets only went on sale Tuesday. The marketing strategy apparently paid off for the state lottery.

Meadows Casino And Racetrack Expanding Slot Gambling Machines

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The Meadows Casino and Racetrack is planning on expanding on their original ideas of a permanent casino. they have upped the ante when dealing with the number of slot machines it will offer.

Washington County, Pennsylvania will be the spot of the new permanent casino. Originally, the plans called for 11,800 slot machines in the new casino. That plan has now changed, and the new number of machines more than doubles the original estimation.

4,200 machines will grace the gambling floor at the 350,000 square foot casino. The slots will not be the only change that has been made to the original plan.

A 16 to 18 lane bowling alley is now in the plans. It will be built on the bottom floor of the new slot parlor. A new parking garage, five levels high, will also be put into the plans. the garage will go where the original plans for a hotel were to be.

Once complete, which should be done in the Spring of 2009, the casino will open up 750 permanent jobs. The jobs will help out with the local economy. The whole project is expected to cost $155 million.